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Welcome to Reinvention International, a site dedicated to those of us who believe global progress starts with our own, personal progress. Just one idea for thinking differently about who we are and how we show up in the world can change everything. From there, anything is possible.


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What People Are Saying

Wesley is the real deal! He has the rare ability of both teaching world-class tools while being an authentic example of the power and presence of which he speaks. His ability to laser in and get to the core of what's under the surface, matched by the depth of his commitment and relentless stand, creates amazing results…

Tracey Trottenberg, Foudner
Amazing Women International, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Wesley is an extraordinary human being... I can say without hesitation that the strength he possesses, the soul that he shares and the time that he spends are unparalleled...

Jason Goldberg, Director of Engineering
i-Tech Support, Inc.
Orlando, FL